CDAIT Projects

Development of an MTConnect Verifier

MTConnect is a machine tool communication standard that is rapidly gaining popularity and Georgia Tech was one of the initial technological developers. In order to facilitate the use of the standard, an application was developed that allows developers of software based upon the standard to verify their implementation through a web application. TechSolve, through U.S. Army funding, was driver of this technology.

CAMX Software Module for Siemens

Siemens is one of the largest producers of surface mount technology (SMT) placement machines in the world. A CAMX adapter was developed that allowed Siemens equipment to communicate using the CAMX protocol. The software is available for global resale. Siemens Electronics Assembly supported this project.

CIRM Application Development

An information technology framework was developed for the architectural sheet metal industry where none had existed in the past. The framework defined a complete set of objects for the industry, which facilitates raw material optimization and job definition. The framework also defines a protocol for exchanging information among a variety of machine tools and manufacturing execution system (MES) level application. Significant reduction of scrap and cycle time has been documented. Factory Right and MetalForming Inc were the primary technical driver of the framework external to Georgia Tech. Jorns, Krasser, Schehtl, Schleback and Quadro Cinco also assisted in the development.

CAMX Interface for Medical Manufacturing Equipment

As regulations for electronic medical devices increases, the need to capture data associated with the devices also increases. Through this project, software was developed that interfaced with PLCs that controlled medical device fabrication equipment. The software generates CAMX standard messages and publishes the messages to Jabil’s Shop Floor Monitoring enterprise application. Jabil Circuit is one of the largest independent suppliers of turnkey manufacturing services for circuit board assemblies, subsystems and systems.